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Fallout Creator Explains Why Modern Games Suck – Asmongold TV – YouTube
Game Development Caution – Timothy Cain – YouTube

Today, we explore the Fallout Creator’s view of an emerging problem within game companies and what he calls Game Development Caution.

My thoughts

I actually enjoyed both of these videos. I believe this shows why so many games are released and are a disappointment to gamers. I can’t tell you how many games I have bought in the last ten years that are just garbage. Not fun or very little fun. These big triple A companies release a BIG game with BIG hype. We all buy it. We all play it. We all think the same thing, rubbish. Diablo IV is a good example. Starfield is a good example. It’s a shame because I do believe the games in the past were much more fun and enjoyable. Too bad developers can’t return to their roots and make great games again.


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