Tap That App LLC goal is to provide game development, software solutions, and website design that is a good quality product, with a focus on the customer and end-user, in a fun and enjoyable work environment.

What is our company history?

We are passionate about video games!

Game Development

Our passion is in gaming. We love gaming. Whether consoles or computers, we develop for the environment that is required. The focus is on fun quality games. In today’s gaming market so many company’s first focus is on generating as much money as they can from the gamer community. We do not view game design in that way. We require our teams to be Gamers! No matter what position our members hold within the company, we are Gamers! Gamers know FUN! Freedom to build fun games like they did in the “Old Days”.

We are passionate about software!

Software Solutions

Our passion is developing source code. We love writing source code. Whether it’s assisting in code design for other company’s or developing our own source code, we write source code. We understand that in today’s modern world a software solution may be a difficult and complex solution. We are prepared for the challenges. We understand the importance of well written, purposeful, clean, and commented source code. We strive for the development of software solutions that meet the needs of this rapidly fast moving tech world. We code!

We are passionate about website design!

Website Development

Our passion is in website design. We love developing websites. Whether it’s using a content manager system or manually writing HTML, we develop websites. We understand that the purpose of websites are for many reasons, personal or business. We develop the website needed for the purpose. We listen. We combine our knowledge with the needs of the customer to produce a website that the customer will love and enjoy. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Meet our team

Tap That App LLC was started with the idea of providing fun games for both the mobile and gaming platform markets. Over time, Tap That App LLC has expanded into the software solution and website design market.

Brian Reece

Founder, Business Team Manager

Jason Petty

Founder, Senior Programmer