The Beginning

Jason Petty and Brian Reece were co-workers at the Kansas City Airport as employees hired to screen airline customers for flight. That is where the magic happened and the co-founders met each other. Jason Petty was interested in making video games. Brian Reece was interested in making money. Brian and Jason formed the company Tap That App. The focus was in game design and implementation. Over time, the focus added software development and web design. Together Brian and Jason enjoy the ownership of Tap That App and the growth of the company.

Brian loves to own and operate Tap That App LLC.

Programmer. Jason started programming in 1991. He started his computer hobby and career when he bought his first Packard Bell in 1991. His wife said that she lost her husband that day to a computer. Jason logged into a bulletin board system. Then he decided he wanted to run a bulletin board system. So he bought his first book on programming. QBasic By Example. 30+years later, Jason has become a Master Programmer with the capability to program in many languages and understand complex topics like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Jason is a hard core gamer who loves to write source code for games.