Diablo One Masterpiece?

Why Is Diablo 1 A MASTERPIECE?! – The Act Man – YouTube

Today, the topic is about whether or not Diablo One is a masterpiece. I watched this video by The Act Man on YouTube. It is a really good watch and I enjoyed it.

Diablo A Masterpiece? Yes! Yes! Yes! Let’s get that out of the way LOL.

Let’s comment on this video.

My past with Diablo One

I remember Diablo One in the stores. I am that old, LOL. My family and I played Diablo Two the most. I have fond memories of my son and I playing Diablo One. I had a good laugh when the video talked about his memories of Diablo One. I was unable to beat the game as well. In fact, I never beat the game. It’s a brutal game for sure! I must say though, we played Diablo Two for a very long time. No where near as long as Diablo One.

My thoughts on Blizzard

I do believe that Blizzard has lost it’s way. I enjoyed Diablo Four’s campaign. I thought is was a good campaign. The video cut scenes are awesome! I bought and played it as soon as it came out. Unfortunately, Baldur’s Gate Three arrived. I quickly jumped to Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s a superior game compared to Diablo 4. I believe Blizzard is focused on draining gamers of their money and not producing quality games. Although, in the “Old Days”, they did produce amazing games and Diablo 1 is one of those games!

The Demon Atmosphere

Considering that I love Doom and think Doom is great, the demon atmosphere doesn’t bother me at all. I love the dark demon atmosphere in Diablo series and I think it works for gaming. The demons and Angels in the game are pretty cool. Note that the diablo world is not earth or our world. It’s a made up world. So it stays away from religion easily.

Final thoughts

I want to play Diablo 1 again! I am actually surprised how well Diablo 1 holds up in today’s environment. It is definitely a Masterpiece Game.


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